Our Services

Small Office

Setting up new entities

  • Choosing right form of entity

  • Regulatory and Industry specific clearance

  • Incorporation of various entities

  • Operational assistance e.g. banking, accounting , payroll, recruitment and selection

  • Digitization of entities e.g. registration on government's e-commerce portal, web designing, email subscription, social media pages etc.

  • Accounting and business software selection

Existing Business Compliance

  • Accounting, inventory, payroll management

  • Direct and indirect tax law compliance

  • Registrar of firm ( ROC ) compliance

  • Labour law compliance

  • State specific compliance e.g. PTEC, PTRC

  • Assessment and litigation

  • Loans and borrowing assistance

  • Sells promotion and distribution

  • Audit and assurance 

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Complies specific standard GAAP, IFRS, Ind AS 

  • Outsourcing accounting works

  • Preparation of financial statement and MIS reports

  • Tax Accounting Services

  • Reconciliation of account

Office Desk

Corporate and Individual Tax Compliance

Individual Tax Compliance

  • Pan application and allotment

  • Tax planning and declaration

  • Preparation and filing of tax return

  • Assistance for clarification, refund, assessment

Professional Tax

  • Professional tax enroll certificate (PTEC)

  • Professional tax registration certificate (PTRC)

  • Professional tax payment and returns

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Registrar of Company (ROC)

  • DIN, KYC, ACTIVE filing

  • Post incorporation compliance e.g. Appoints auditor and Management

  • Change of Address, Name, MOA and AOA etc.

  • Annual reports preparation and  filing

  • Conversion of entities e.g. pvt ltd to ltd etc.

  • Change in status e.g. normal to dormant company

Corporate tax law compliance

Direct tax                         

  • Pan,Tan application             and allotment

  • Tds, Tcs applicability, deduction, collection

  • Payment, refund 

  • Return filing 

  • Tax audit    

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Assessment Assistance

 Indirect tax

  • GST registration

  • Tax accounting, review

  • Payment, refund

  • Return filing

  • GST audit

  • Assessment

  • Cancellation of GST registration

Audit and Assurance

  • Internal control system audit

  • Branch audit

  • Cost audit

  • Internal audit

  • Tax audit

  • Risk assessment audit

  • Forensic audit

  • Statutory audit

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Management Consultancy and Management Service

  • Corporate strategic planning and analysis

  • Formulation of function strategic

  • Implementation and Control

  • Identification of customer and their needs

  • Study existing process and redesigning

  • Improving customer satisfaction and quality

  • Reducing waste ,defective and cycle time

 Restructuring or Closure of Entity

  • Internal Reconstruction

  • Amalgamation

  • Merger

  • Acquisition

  • Liquidation 

  • Strike off 

Business Partners at Work
Business Meeting

Corporate Training

  • Software implementation and training e.g. Tally ERP, SAP, Advanced Excel etc.

  • Preparation of financial Statement and MIS reports

  • Data Recording and analysing

  • Change in law and its impact on business

  • Regulatory Compliance

Market Analysis

Financial Services

  • Planning and Budgeting

  • Analysing financial statement and business projects

  • Working capital Management

  • Capital Budgeting and borrowing decision

  • Investment decision 

Giving a Presentation

Human Resource Management

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Attendance automation service

  • Skills and competency enhancement

  • Motivation and retaining service

  • Payroll management and processing


Data on a Touch Pad

Marketing, Distribution and Sales Promotion

  • Marketing and Sales Training 

  • Market research and analysis

  • Content writing and  development

  • Whole sale and retail product distribution

  • Sales promotion and customer service

Designing on a Tablet

Securing Brand and Products

  • Trademarks registration 

  • Copyrights 

  • Patents

  • Designs

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Real Estate Regulation

  • Registration of Project

  • Registration of Agent

  • Compliance Management

  • Expert Advisory and Solution

  • Extension and Certification

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Social Security law Compliance

  • PF and  ESIC Registration 

  • Preparation of Statutory Registers

  • Computation of gratuity, minimum wages and other benefits 

  • Payments and filing of return

  • Expert advisory on related matter

  • Other State and Industry specific compliance

  • Labour licence and its renewal or surrender

Financial Report

Valuation and Certification Service

  • Inventory valuation 

  • Share price valuation

  • Assets valuation

  • Land, building and property valuation

  • Certification 

Web Development and Email

  • Domain Selection and Hosting

  • Business email subscription and support

  • Web designing and development

  • Improving existing website and its AMC

  • Social media profile and page development

Life, Health and General

  • Analyse plans and its comparative study

  • Procurement advise

  • Portability benefits study and advise

  • Surrender valuation and its closure

  • Loans against policy

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Insurance Agent

Digital Signature Certificate

Choose Your Digital Certificate

  • Class Type                     o Class 2                  o      Class 3

  • User Type                      o  Individual           o  Organization

  • Certificate Validity      o   1 Year        o   2 Years    o  3 Years

  • Certificate Type           o  Signature    o  Encryption   o  Both

  • KYC with                       o  Offline Aadhaar       o    PAN 

  • Usage Type                    For Multiple Purpose

Insurance Consultation

Loans and Borrowing Assistance

  • Business Loan​ 

  • Personal Loan 

  • Loan Against Properties 

  • Home Loans 

  • Vehicle Loan 

  • Credit Card